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Workout related articles
- Calisthenics and Kettlebells
- The Plan
- The Plan - Part II
- The Plan - Part III
- HIIT - Cardio at its finest
- How-to Fight Knee Issues - Some Stuff that Could Help!
- The ultimate method to bulk up fast naturally - The incredible German Volume Training!
- My Kettlebell Circuit Training - Prolog: The benefits of kettlebell training
- The Colorado Experiment - How to make Hulk green with envy
- Workout plan reloaded...some weeks of HIT/HIIT are coming - Freeletics, Crossfit, the Spartans and Laura shall skyrocket my overall fitness level
- Guest Article from Becky: Aqua Aerobics - Exercises and Benefits
- Guest Article from Amelia: 5 Best Ways to Maximize Muscle Growth
- Chaos Training - A way to shock your body and boost muscle and strength growth
- Guest Article by Becky: Swimming For a Healthier Heart

Nutrition related articles
- The Diet
- Glycemic Load - The Gold Standard in Low-Carb diets
- Dietary Fibres - The priceless "road sweepers" of our intestines
- What about supplements? - Here's how I handle them!
- Guest Article from Alfred: Matcha Green Tea - The magic bullet for your physical and mental health
- Intermittent Fasting - Why just NOT eating leads to amazing results

Motivation related articles
- Introduction
- Fitness Goals - The underestimated resources of the fittest
- Consistency - The key to success
- My Top 20 - Fitness Motivation Quotes
- Why Fitness and Nutrition is Important for Good Health - Some unconventional thougths about finess and nutrition as the key for freedom
- Guest Article by Cat Smiley - 4 Fun Tips to Restart your Fitness Journey
- I'm back and this year is going to be amazing for you and your familys!