Healthy Recipes

Snacks / Appetizers
- A perfect low-carb & high-protein snack for ice cream junkies
- Serrano coated pesto-mozzarella filled with dried tomatoes on rocket salad with pine nuts - Just delicious...
- Albóndigas Andaluz - A Spanish Meatball Recipe
- Tortilla de verduras - Super healthy and delicious low-carb meal
- Awesome vegan lentil salad - A meal/appetizer for real fitness Champions
- Strawberry pocket healthy french toast - a breakfast that serves all your Needs
- The perfect hummus recipe - Probably the most healthy dip in the world!

Meals / Soups
- Chili con soja...the vegetarian low-carb alternative
- Beans + Pepperoni + Carrots = One healthy low-carb pan meal
- Oven-baked Meatballs with Sunchokes à la Eleftheria - Very tasty low-carb and high-protein dish
- Brussels sprouts and chestnut soup
- Yet another soup - it's squash time
- Recipe for a tasty broccoli and cashew nut soup - Health benefits included
- Awesome Fennel Curry Soup - The healthy bomb for your Body

- Roasted apples - The low-carb way for the delicious dessert
- Low-Carb Pudding - Another nice dessert for us
- Hot Plums with Almonds - Another Dessert for Gourmets

- Recipe for a delicious low-carb bread
- Health benefits of green smoothies and two tasty recipes - Go green or go home
- Low-Carb Paleo Blueberry Muffins - Sooo tasty
- The best low carb muffins I've ever tasted - LC Cherry-Banana Muffins
- Low-Carb / Paleo banana bread - the perfect party alternative!

- Vegan sweet potatoe brownies - Best birthday cake option for a healthy lifestyle