Office workout - It's all about time efficiency

Hey guys,

As written before, I'm quite busy at work and I have two boys with whom I love to spend my free time. That has resulted in a lack of time for exercising, so I had to rethink on how I could integrate workouts in my daily schedule without blocking too much time at once.
Before I had Kids, I was used to go to the gym either early in the morning or late in the evening which was no problem because no one really depends on me being "there". My girlfriend joined me sometimes and sometimes she did something else. No time issues at all (even with long working hours I could always find a free timeslot of 2 hours to exercise).
Now, with two kids waiting for me at home, time becomes a new meaning and I rather spend the free time with my family than with a lot of sweaty guys in the gym.

So what to do? I'm convinced that there are enough short time slots at work, where you can integrate workouts with no loss of real effective working time.
In fact, if you work in an office like I do, you sometimes have to do calculations with Excel and sit in front of your computer waiting for the calculation to be finished or you go to the kitchen to grab a coffee and just stand there while the coffee machine is preparing your cup. There are a lot of situations where you just wait and do nothing else. If you work on a construction side or in a store or somewhere else there will also be opportunities like that - you just have to keep your eyes open and look for them.

Once you've detected the opportunities, you have to think about what to do resp. which exercises fit for which situation.

Here's what I do on each work day:
- 1 set of planking for as long as possible without sweating (recently I do the requested amount of time from the 30 day plank challenge described here)
- 4 supersets of 25 push ups combined with a wall sit for as long as possible without sweating (spread over the day)
- 4 sets of (half) handstand push ups (find exercise description here) with 60 sec rest between the sets
- 4 sets of 35 double leg calf raises (find a video here) while I'm waiting for the coffee machine to prepare my black coffee
- 3.5 km walking during the lunch break (as I told you before I'm into intermittent fasting, so I don't eat for lunch and can walk instead ;) )

In the end that's quite a lot of bodyweight workouts without wasting a single minute of free time. In fact, it also helps me to stay productive at work for the whole day without a power drain in between.

That's truly what time efficiency means to me. Get fit and stay productive combined during the time at work.

I hope this inspires you too to do the good while you do the necessary. You just have to start and stay consistent.



  1. I'm now on 3 supersets of 33 push ups with 1:15 min wall sit


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