Fitness Journey 2019 - Halfway through

Hey guys,

Today I want to give you an update on my 2019 fitness journey so far.

Where have I started:
On Sunday, the 27th of January, I finally decided, that I have to change a lot in my diet and fitness life to become the fit person and Daddy, that I always wanted to be. I've written about my motivation and thoughts in my blog post "I'm back and this year is going to be amazing for you and your families".
So I've started with a weight of 109.0 kg (240 lb) and a big belly ;) I felt tired most of the time and haven't moved that much.

The way:
Until now I've changed my diet radically. During the normal work week (Mon-Fri) I practice intermittent fasting in the way of 16:8 (16 hours fasting / 8 hours eating). You can find more on that topic in my article "Intermittent Fasting - Why just NOT eating leads to amazing results". Additionally I am on a strict low-carb diet where I abandon sugar, flour, bread, rice, pasta, white potatoes and any processed food. I do eat fruits and legumes, because their impact on blood sugar and insulin levels are pretty low due to the massive amount of dietary fibres and their low glycemic load (find out more in my articles "Dietary Fibres - The priceless "road sweepers" of our intestines" and "Glycemic Load - The Gold Standard in Low-Carb diets").
On weekends I turn the tables. I enjoy breakfast with my family, eat whenever I feel hungry and add a lot of "good" carbs to my meals. In fact, I still abandon sugar, flour and processed food, but I do eat whole grain products like brown rice, wholemeal pasta and wholewheat bread.
I decided that this way fits best to my life circumstances and protects me against social uncomfortableness (sitting at the breakfasttable with my family and not eating with them sucks) and habituation effects on my metabolism that could lead to long-term plateaus. And, of course, sometimes I really enjoy a perfect italian pasta dish from my wonderful girlfriend or a french toast (like this one here). 
The workout side of my life it's still a bit negligible. I am totally committet to my "30 Day Push-Up Challenge - Office Version" and do all the requested reps, but that's all. Ok, I also try to walk whenever possible and always use the stairs and stuff like that, but no real workouts here (neither cardio nor strength).
But...I am planning to change this in the weeks to come. Depending on the sleeping habits and the normal day flow of my boys I want to implement at least 2 cardio and 2 strength training sessions per week. I've thought about efficency, e.g. combining running and going to the bakery at weekends or picking up some small groceries, so that I don't have to spare too much extra time just for cardio. Strength workouts could be done at home after the kids went to bed, e.g. my "Kettlebell Circuit Training" or some bodyweight exercises.

The results so far:
After 66 days my results are really impressive in my point of view. Today the scale showed me 93 kg (205 lb) - that's a loss of 16 kg (35 lb) in just 2 months! :)
Actually, this is also my 5 year low, which means that I've reached a meaningful milestone!
I also feel so much fitter and more alive. Playing with the boys as well is much easier ;)

But summer is already knocking at the door and I want to enjoy a lot of the sunny hours outside with Marie and the kids, so I have to focus on my fitness goals.

The goal:
Of course, no plan is complete without a predefined goal, that you work on consistently (find out more about "Consistency - The key to success"). My goal is to reach a target weight of 79.9 kg (176 lb) by the end of July. If you do the math it looks pretty easy (halfway reached after 2 months and still 4 months left), but the rule that it gets harder the closer you get applies to me as well. Therefore the implementation of workouts is a necessary step to hold the good progress for the next months.

I will keep you updated.

So, go your way and I'm happy about every comment below.