30 Day Plank Challenge and 100 Push Up Challenge - New steps towards the summer period

Hey guys,

As I recently finished my 30 day push up challenge for workdays (see here) and did a total of 3.405 reps during that time, I really feel how this has strengthened my upper body power and the shape of my chest muscles.

Of course you cannot become a real life Hulk with the challenge but it's a really good start to work consistently and disciplined at your own fitness goals without wasting a lot of free spare time.

I'm totally convinced that a 30 day challenge can be a frame to create a new mindset of durable change and get you used to regular workouts.

As I still lack free time to exercise I decided to start 2 new 30 day challenges now, that I can perform in office without losing time and to support my fitness journey in general.

This time I will combine a 30 day plank challenge (like this one here) and a 100 push up challenge (as Michael did here).
I do not expect to become ultimately fit with this, but I do expect a lift in fitness levels, a shaping effect and a push in the right "direction" for consistent exercising.

Why these two exercises?
I wrote a lot about push ups (e.g. here) and that they are my favorite no. 1 bodyweight exercise, because they help you to tone your whole body at once.
And planks...oh, I really love planking. It's an isometric exercise (means you hold a position and do not move) that has the reputation for being the perfect sixpack and core exercise, because it calls all parts of the core muscles for action. This also leads to an improved posture.

And now...here are the workout designs:

100 push up challenge:
Pretty simple, I will do 100 push ups each day for 30 days (equals 3k reps). In the beginning I try to do 4 sets of 25 reps each day and will change it, if it becomes too easy.

Plank challenge:

So, let's do this and we'll see what happens ;)



  1. First 2 days already finished :)

  2. Day 5 finished plus I did additionally 3 sets of 8 half handstand push ups

  3. Days 7 & 8 done + 4 sets of 8 reps Handstand push ups on day 8

  4. Day 9 finished plus 4 sets of 8 reps hspu...damn 1 min plank is already pretty hard...

  5. Day 10 and additional 4x8 hspu done :) This time a changed from 4 sets of 25 push ups to 3 sets of 33/34 push ups...guess I already got stronger ;)

  6. Day 11 and additional 4x8 hspu finished

  7. Day 18 done plus hspu. Unbelievable how hard 2:30 min could be in the plank position...

  8. Day 23 done yesterday + hspu

  9. Day 25 done with additional office workouts

  10. Days 27-29 done - one more to go :)

  11. Final day done - that plank challenge was really hard work


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