The 30 Day Push-Up Challenge - Office version - Get fit while you're doing business

Hey guys,

Back in May 2013 I'd done a 30 day push-up challenge and many of you joined me that time with amazing results.

Push-ups are still one of the most effective excersises that you can do almost everywhere and anytime. You just need your own body and 2 m² free space, that's all.

As mentioned during the last challenge, the push-up strengthens the muscles of your chest, arms (triceps) and shoulders and additionally targets a lot of other muscles like your core and butt. Therefore it is just a fact, if you say that push-ups really are a whole body workout in one single excersise.

Of Course, it's better to do some more different excercises as well, but if you have to choose just one...push-ups are #1.

As I said in my "Comeback" article, due to my job and my kids I don't have a lot of free time for working out, so I had to think about alternatives to integrate workouts into my daily life. One alternative I stumbled upon is to do some excercises in office. To avoid heavy sweating in my business shirt I decided that a workout has to be able to be cut down in short sessions.

I'm in the office for 8-12 hours daily, so why not do something that could be done easily every hour as a short session?

Finally, I reviewed my older articles and came across the 30 day push-up challenge. In a modified version this is perfect for getting back into the game while not losing precious free time.
Nice side effect: While you do regular small workouts during the day, your mind will be fit as well all day long and your working results can benefit too.

The 30 (Work-)Day Push-Up Challenge

Here's the design:
Step one - Think about how many short breaks you can implement into your working hours
Step two - Divide the target reps for each day by your possible sessions
Step three - Do the requested amount on each workday (Mon-Fri), then rest for the weekend
Step four - Repeat for 6 weeks
Step five - Enjoy the results ;)

Rep targets:
Day 1 (Monday): 40 push-ups
Day 2: 45 push-ups
Day 3: 50 push-ups
Day 4: 55 push-ups
Day 5: 60 push-ups
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest
Day 8 (Monday): 65 push-ups
Day 9: 70 push-ups
Day 10: 75 push-ups
Day 11: 80 push-ups
Day 12: 85 push-ups
Day 13: Rest
Day 14: Rest
Day 15 (Monday): 90 push-ups
Day 16: 95 push-ups
Day 17: 100 push-ups
Day 18: 105 push-ups
Day 19: 110 push-ups
Day 20: Rest
Day 21: Rest
Day 22 (Monday): 115 push-ups
Day 23: 120 push-ups
Day 24: 125 push-ups
Day 25: 130 push-ups
Day 26: 135 push-ups
Day 27: Rest
Day 28: Rest
Day 29 (Monday): 140 push-ups
Day 30: 145 push-ups
Day 31: 150 push-ups
Day 32: 155 push-ups
Day 33: 160 push-ups
Day 34: Rest
Day 35: Rest
Day 36 (Monday): 165 push-ups
Day 37: 170 push-ups
Day 38: 180 push-ups (start of final sprint ;) )
Day 39: 190 push-ups
Day 40: 200 push-ups

You can choose the kind of push-ups that fit to your fitness level (even Wall Push-Ups are ok). If you want to enhance the fitness experience you can vary the kinds of push-ups as well (e.g. 1st session "normal" push-ups, 2nd session narrow push-ups, 3rd session push-ups with your feet on the chair etc).

I will start next Monday, 11th March, and will post daily updates below in the comment section.

Feel free to join and have fun!



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