Time to prepare for summer - My workout plan for may and june

Hey guys,

At the end of april, when the Freeletics project ended, I had to decide what's next...and I made my decision.
I decided to start with a quite "normal" workout style for may and june. I've selected 16 gym exercises that I'll perform in 24 super sets (3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise sequence that contains 2 exercises) twice and I'll do my kettlebell circuit training once every week. Additionally I try to implement some HIIT sessions.

After doing a lot of bodyweight exercises in the last months I think integrating some free weights and kettlebells into my workouts is a welcome change and that my muscles will benefit from new impulses that could help them to improve further.

And here it is....the workout plan for may and june:

The gym workout (twice per week):
Warmup: 5 min cardio rowing to get your whole body on temperature
Superset exercise 1: Handstand Push Ups & Back Squats*
Superset exercise 2: Bench press & Bent Over Row with a Barbell
Superset exercise 3: Cable Flys & Reverse Cable Flys
Superset exercise 4: Lat Pulls & Double Leg Calf Raises
Superset exercise 5: Flat Bent Leg Raises & Short Bridges**
Superset exercise 6: Deadlifts & Pull Overs with a Dumbbell
Superset exercise 7: Lunges with Dumbbells & Shoulder Compilation Exercise
Superset exercise 8: Parallel Bar Dips & Ball Leg Curls
*You should begin with these two exercises because HSPU could be dangerous if your arms and shoulders are already exhausted and squats are one of the best exercises to force your body to release growth hormones that help to improve the impact of the whole workout
**(This part is important in the middle of the workout to get some recovery time for your arms)

3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise sequence that contains 2 exercises; 1 min rest between the sets; 1-x-2 cadence (1 sec concentric, no rest in the final position, 2 sec excentric)

The kettlebell workout (once per week):
I'll explained my kettlebell workout in details in my last post (click here).

The HIIT workouts (once or twice per week, not on strength training days):
Cardio Rowing: 5 min warmup then 10 sets of 1 min row as fast as possible + 1 min very slow rowing
Sprint (Running) Training: 800m warmup running then 10 sets of 100m sprint + 300m easy running
If you want to learn more about HIIT Training read my article here.

I follow my diet and my supplement plan strictly.

Let's enjoy the "normal" workout period!