What about supplements? - Here's how I handle them!

Hey guys,

Now, since I've started my 2014 fitness and health program on the 1st January I thought a lot about supplements. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of supplements because I really believe that a healthy balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes and good protein from dairy products and organic meat gives you all that your body desires to be healthy and unimaginable fit. Additionally there is scientific evidence that artificially produced vitamins, minerals, BCAAs and other stuff can actually harm your body more than they help (that's not 100% sure, but I decided to stay on the safe side and add all this to my body naturally by eating good food). That's just my opinion and I can definitely understand anyone who has a different point of view.

Neverless I decided to give myself some extra kicks by using a few supplements. In fact, I started to use Omega-3 fish oil capsules (1 per day), linseed oil (1 tbsp.), protein shakes (1 after every strength workout) and green tea (something between 3-5 cups per day). For me these are the only supplements that make sense to reach my goals (I'd used creatine monohydrate 2 or 3 times in my life and the results were pretty impressive, but I don't need it right now. Anyway, I believe that it's ok to use it as well).

Why do I use those 4?

Omega-3 Supplements
Refering to some studies there is evidence (sometimes more, sometimes less) that the body (especially the heart, the cardiovascular system and the brain) could benefit from Omega-3 supplements. I don't think that supplementation is necessary if you eat enough fish, meat and nuts, but my nutrition was very bad over the last 4 months, so I guess that it won't be a mistake to use linseed oil (the oil with the highest amount of vegetable Omega-3) and Omega-3 supplements at least for 1 month until I'm totally back on track.

Protein Shakes
I know that many protein powders contain lots of artificial sweeteners, vitamins and other stuff, so I use them rarely. I think that it won't provoke health problems if I use them only 4 times per week directly after strenght workouts. I use whey protein to give my muscles fast available building material for optimized muscle grow.

Green Tea
Green tea is not actually a supplement, but as I was used to drink up to 12 cups of coffee (far too much) per day it is a healthy substitute for me. Green tea has various proven health benefits from antioxidant effects over anti-inflammatory effects to weight loss (and many more).

So, that's my supplementation plan (mabe you can use some of the information for your own plan).
What about you? Do you use any supplenments?