The 2014 Freeletics + X Project - Week 4 - Workouts, Progress and some Thoughts about Burpees...

Hey guys,

Burpees, Burpees, Burpees...I start to hate Burpees...seriously I hate them...;)
Nevertheless they are one of the most effective whole body exercise that one can do with his own bodyweight. With that in mind it's not so bad that they start chasing me even in my dreams. This week I had 4 workouts and each one of them demands 150 Burpees...that makes a total of 600 Burpees that week (must sound a bit crazy for people who are used to train 3 sets of 12 reps in every exercise). Fortunately week 4 is over and in the week to come there is only one workout that includes Burpees so my mind can recover a bit from that nasty exercise. I believe that there will be a lot of Burpees in the upcoming weeks until the 15 week program is done, but hey, as they are really boosting endurance and strength I can live with that (or at least I learn to arrange with them when I feel the improvements :) ).

Time for the workouts and results of week 4:

Workout explanations:
Aphrodite - 50 Burpees, 50 Squats, 50 Sit Ups, then 40 reps of each, 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps (5 sets in total) - as fast as possible
Hades- 3 sets of 25 Burpees, 15 Pull Ups, 15 Push Ups, 25 Burpees, 2x40 m run - as fast as possible

Week 4:
Wednesday (22.01.2014) - Aphrodite (43:05 min.)
Thursday - rest day
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Hades (33:28 min.)
Sunday - Aphrodite (38:19 min.)
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Hades (29:41 min.)

Weight: 199,7 lbs (90,6 kg)
Abdominal Circumference: 38 inches (96,5 cm)
Chest Circumference: 40,6 inches (103 cm)
Shoulder Breadth: 25 inches (63,5 cm)
Body Fat: 25,2 % (measured with a caliper)

What shall I say...weight went down a bit, shoulders got broader, but all other figures haven't changed a lot. Anyway I feel much better and when I look in the mirror it appears to me that my body composition improved a lot (even if the figures don't show it). Especially the lower part of my belly (where I don't measure) and my chest seem to loose fat (looks like muscles replace fat and that's why the chest circumference didn't change much). Let's see what the next week will do for body improvement...

P.S.: On friday I'll publish the first guest post (written by Becky Flanigan) in the history of Andi's Fitness Blog!