The HIT / HIIT Project - Week 1 - Workouts and Results

Hey guys,

Again, it took me some time to get it started, but finally I did start with the HIT/HIIT project.

So, here are the workouts from last week:

Workout 1:
Sparta Style - I did a workout which is commonly known as "the 300 workout". You can find it all over the internet and it is told, that this was one of the workouts that the actors from the movie "300" had to do every now and then in the preperation phase for the movie.
Here's how it goes:
Perform every exercise without any rest (or at least with as few rests as possible) during the circuit.
25 Pull Ups (I did supported ones...shame on me ;) )
50 Deadlifts
50 Push-Ups
50 Box Jumps
50 Floor Wipers
50 Single-Arm Clean & Press (with a kettlebell or a dumbbell), 25 each side
25 Pull Ups (I did Pull Downs instead for the final)

Result: I needed 25:48 min.

Workout 2:
Crossfit Style - I chose a workout called "Loredo" from the Crossfit website for that week.
Six rounds for time of:
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunge steps
Run 400 meters

Result: 35:40 min.

Workout 3:
Freeletics Style - I did the "Aphrodite" workout from the freeletics app.
It's a ladder workout and you should do it with as few rests as possible.
50 Burpees
50 Squats
50 Sit Ups
40 Burpees
40 Squats
40 Sit Ups
Follow his pattern with 30 reps, 20 reps and finally 10 reps.

Result: 36:14 min.

Workout 4:
Laura TIFW Style - I decided to do "Legs on FIRE #1" from the Thursday Throwdowns.
Here's how I did it (without a rest):
30 sec Squats
30 sec Deep Squat Hold
30 sec Squat Jumps
30 sec Deep Squat Hold
30 sec Lunge (right foot back)
30 sec Lunge Hold
30 sec Lunge (left foot back)
30 sec Lunge Hold
2nd set was the same with 20 sec each and 3rd set with 10 sec each.

Those were my workouts from last week! I can recommend every one of those if you want to try a nice HIT/HIIT workout yourself.