Phoenix from the ashes - Time to restart a strong and healthy life

Hey guys,

Some time has passed since I wrote the last article at my blog, but now I'll restart again!

I just came back from a 30 min. low-intensity run and I feel as if somebody had shot me into my right lung after 5 minutes already ...How could this even happen???

Over the last 6 weeks I've figuratively beaten down my health and fitness level with lots of cigaretts, junk food, sweets, ice cream and stuff like that (in fact the healthiest meal during that period was a half chicken which was drowned with 7 liters of beer in my stomach at the Oktoberfest im Munich). Additionally I haven't done any sports (in fact I haven't even moved much).

From today on, I'm back again and I will start with the program I wrote about in this post.