The last days of my German Volume Training experiment

Hey guys,

Finally I've finished the GVT program. It was really a good experience and I definitly bulked up a bit and I can see a high increase of strength endurance as well. Although I had sore muscles almost every day, it felt very good after each workout and I could almost see the changes of my body composition after each day, which is really a nice thing. Unfortunately the last days were filled with some problems so the results are good but not enormous. I hadn't had access to a gym on some days so I substituted chest/back day once and leg/abs day twice with a home workout. On the leg days I did kettlebell swings (10 sets of 15 reps) to replace leg curls, kettlebell squats (10 sets of 10 reps) to replace barbell squats and single leg calf raises with a kettlebell instead of seated calf raises. On the chest and back day I did slow full push ups (10 sets of 10 reps) as a substitute for barbell presses and one arm rows with a kettlebell (10 sets of 10 reps) as replacement for one arm rows with a dumbbell. Another problem (which is more serious) is/was that I somehow hurt a tendom in my right shoulder a bit. I'm pretty sure that it was my fault because I did this high volume training without a proper warm up. I always started directly after entering the gym and this caused the trouble with my shoulder (especially the slow dips put big stress on it). That's also the reason why I cut out the last shoulder/arms session and why I did some extra rest days. Now I have to recover a bit with some ligther workouts until I'm totally fit again...

I will definitly do a GVT 30 day program again next year because the benefits were huge, but next time I'll take care of proper warming up at each and every session. I highly recommend to give the program a try if you haven't done it yet!

Here is the table of my workouts:

In the next few weeks I'll do some Convict Conditioning calisthenics and some other stuff (like I did before I started GVT).