My Kettlebell Circuit Training - Part IV of IV (Body Circles & Squats)

Hey guys,

The time has come to finish the Kettlebell Circuit series. Today I show you the last two exercises you need for having a full body kettlebell workout that you can perform once or twice per week.
Just add them to the previous exercises from the last kettlebell circuit posts. Try to do three sets with the mentioned reps without a rest between the eight exercises (30 sec - 1 min rest between the sets).

7. Exercise: Body Circles – 10x counterclockwise, then 10x clockwise 

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and pick up the kettlebell as described in the other exercises (only difference: grasp the handle at its outer edges).

- Now circle the weight counterclockwise to the left rear (slightly above hip level) in the biggest possible circle (hold the weight with your left hand only). Your arms should be almost straight during the motion.

-When the kettlebell arrives behind your back, continue the motion to the right and hand it over to the right hand.

- Now circle the weight to the front again (remember: the whole movement is flowing).

- In front of you (at the middle) hand the weight over again to your left hand and continue with the next rep.

- You should intercept the kinetic energy after the 10th circle by smoothly following the circle motion with your body until the weight stopped (one body rotation should last). Now change the direction of the motion.

8. Exercise: Kettlebell Squats – 10x 

-Hold the kettlebell upside down in front of you (with your arms bent) and perform a regular full squat (keep your back straight and your knees behind your toes all the time).

-Take care that the weight is carried mainly through your heels and that your thighs are at least parallel to the ground in the bottom position.

Now that you have a guideline for a full body kettlebell circuit, I hope some of you will give it a try and I hope you like the series.