My Kettlebell Circuit Training - Part III of IV (One-Arm & Normal Swings)

Hey guys,

Part 3 of the Kettlebell circuit series is on! Today I show you the fifth and sixth exercise of my routine. Both exercises are ballistic moves that can strongly improve your rear kinetic chain (read more about its benefits here). If you ask a skilled trainer which exercise he recommends for a well-shaped crispy butt than the answer will probably be "Kettlebell Swings".
Just add both swinging exercises to the previous kettlebell exercises to extend the circuit.

5. Exercise: 1-Arm Kettlebell Swing – 10-15x right arm, 10-15x left arm

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width (or a bit wider) apart slightly behind the kettlebell. Now bend at the knees and hips (your back has to be straight the whole time!) until you can grasp the curved handle of the weight with an overhand grip. Straighten yourself again with the kettlebell in one hand. 

- Start to swing the Kettlebell just a little bit forward and then dip down slightly and let it swing back under your hips (between your legs).  

- Explosively extend your legs and hips and raise your upper body upright simultaneously when the kettlebell starts its forward movement again.

- You should be able to bring the weight (with your arm almost straight) at least chest height through the momentum/ballistic energy that is initiated by the extension of your hips and legs (not through the strength of your arms!). If you aren’t able to bring the weight that high, you should work on a more explosive hip/leg extension.

- Let the kettlebell travel the way back in the same bow path until it swings back under your hips (back straight and legs slightly bent in the finish position). You should perform the reps in a flowing motion without interrupting it (the kettlebell actually has to „swing“).

 - Put the weight back on the floor after the last rep and start again with the other arm (you can also
change hands during the swing motion if you feel safe with the flowing movement).

6. Exercise: Regular Kettlebell Swing – 15-25x

- Do the same movement as explained above with the only difference that you hold the kettlebell with both hands this time.

Take care that your back is straight all the time and that you perform the exercises perfectly! If you're not sure, don't hasitate to ask a personal trainer!