Why Fitness and Nutrition is Important for Good Health - Some unconventional thougths about finess and nutrition as the key for freedom

Hey guys,

My friend Bradford Lowry and his amazing Google+ community "Fitness & Nutrition" invited me to take part in their first writing challenge on why fitness and nutrition is vitally important for good health. As, in my opinion, this is a very good topic I decided to write my point of view. I hope that this might help to motivate some of you guys to live a healthier and happier life.

Here's what I think about fitness and nutrition for getting a healthy life:

I believe that most of you have already heard about the health benefits of fitness training and good nutrition...it prevents several diseases, makes you look better, promotes the release of happiness hormones, helps to make daily life activities easier and so on. But that's nothing I want to talk about today (even if it all has a connection to my points). That's what many educated trainers and nutrition experts can tell you (me too, but not today). I want to write about a mental thing...the freedom of choice! As bad health is pretty often connected to mental problems, like depressions, burn out etc. I want to take the chance to tell you why I think that fitness and nutrition can prevent those mental diseases through the freedom of choice. If you walk down a crowded road and look at all the obviously unhappy people you see, what do you think is going on in their brains? Many people are stressed out because of their jobs and fear of losing them, money problems and other stuff like that. These people often need a kind of outlet for their stress. Fitness, especially hard and challenging exercises could be this outlet. If you're stressed out and work out hard, you get exhausted and your negative thoughts about the stressor vanish because you have to be concentrated if your exercises are really hard. That's also great for your families health, because unfortunately some people tend to release stress at home instead of enjoying a relaxing family evening. Who else do you see on your walk? Older people who have to use a walking frame. I bet many of them would give away all of their belongings to get back the freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want. If they had this freedom again they won't be limited by thoughts like "is there an elevator because I can't use the stairs?" or "is the city I want to visit for holidays a flat one because I can't manage to go up and down through small streets?". That stuff limits your choices and that's not good for your mental freedom and health. Who else? Chronically ill people, like diabetics, people with heart diseases, high blood pressure etc. They always have to worry about their drugs and they have to make preparations for the case that something happens to them (e.g. they always have to be nearby a hospital in case of a heart attack). They can only dream about making a trip to a lonely forest with their kids to enjoy the freedom of camping. But that's a choice they couldn't make anymore.  One more group? The obese people. Some aren't even able to walk proper because of their big thighs, every step is a sheer torment, a look in the mirror can sow doubts if they ever find a partner or if they could ever walk down the street again without the pitiful looks of the people surrounding them. Their freedom is often limited by themselves because they are ashamed of their appearance...or because they are just physically not able to do what they want to do. There is one way out to avoid ending up like one of those stereotypes forever...

Proper fitness training & healthy nutrition (with a lot of good proteins and vegetables) can keep you out of trouble and help you to protect or regain the freedom of choice to do whatever you dream about!

These are just some thoughts that crossed my mind after reading the topic (and it's also the end of my article for the F&N contest...I guess I already exceed the word limit...sorry Brad). 

I could go on with this, but these are the major examples that directly came into my head...

I won't finish the post without mentioning that I don't want to attack anyone who belongs to one of the mentioned groups! Of course some are in one of the situations caused by serious troubles they couldn't influence and some are there because of their habits or because of what they have learned about good fitness and nutrition in former days (some stuff that turned out wrong). My target with this writing is to encourage all people who don't have those problems right now that they think about it and do anything to avoid getting in a situation like the ones above. I also want to encourage everyone who already is in one of those states that there is a way out through fitness and nutrition and it's worth a try to get back your God-given freedom again!

Btw: If you haven't done a good deed today, check out Steves charity cycling. He fundraises for really poor kids in the Philippines. It's worth a read!