The first 10 days of German Volume Training (GVT) - Workouts & Results

Hey guys,

I've started the GVT program 10 days ago (read more about GVT here) and I can tell you it's brutal. Everyday some of my muscles are sore...after chest/back days I have sore muscles, after leg days my legs are shaking and after arm/shoulder days I have problems lifting my glass waterbottle...good feeling ;)

I mesured my weigh before I started and it was 173.5 lbs (78,7 kg).
Now, after the first 10 days it's 175.9 lbs (79.8), a plus of 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg).
As I haven't changed my diet it should be pure muscle mass (propably a bit more as it's very likely that I've lost some body fat additionally).

Unfortunately I haven't done any other measurements than using the scale and the mirror (my main benchmark was and still is the look in the mirror).

Here's what I've done:

So the first two 5-day cycles are done, 4 more to go! I'm really excited how the story continues...