My Kettlebell Circuit Training - Part II of IV (Windmill & High Rows)

Hey guys,

Today we move on with the this posting I'm gonna explain the third and forth exercise of the kettlebell routineWindmill & High Row.
Just add them to the previous exercises from the last kettlebell circuit post. Try to do three sets with the mentioned reps without a rest between the four exercises (30 sec - 1 min rest between the sets). Let's ring the "bells"...

3. Exercise: Windmill (one-handed) – 10x right arm, 10 x left arm

- Grasp the handle of the kettlebell and place the „ball“ on your vertically held forearm. Your elbow should be closely to your body.

- Twist the foot of the counterside in an angle of 45° to the outside and place your hip below the weight. 

- To your own safety, it is important that you look at the kettlebell during the whole exercise.

- Now move your hips backwards and bend your trunk forwards at your hips. 

- While you bend forwards, move the kettlebell straight upside and slightly twist your upper body so that the lower shoulder moves in the direction of your knee. Try to reach your foot with your arm straight.

- To get to the finish position move your hip forward again and erect yourself until you stand straight holding the weight above your head in line with your shoulder.

- Remove the weight slowly to the start position and repeat the exercise.

4. Exercise: High Row (one-handed) – 10 x right arm, 10 x left arm

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width (or a bit wider) apart and place the kettlebell slightly in front of you (nearby the foot of the side you start the exercise).

- Now squat down a little (keep your back straight and your knees behind your toes) until you can grasp the handle.

- Extend your legs and hips explosively (the „energy“ should be transmitted mainly through your heels) and initiate the vertical path of movement thereby.  

- The momentum generated by the extension of hips and legs should last out to bring the weight at the height of your shoulder, where you pull it slightly towards your shoulder (a small “row” move at the top position). 

- Remove the weight slowly to the start position and repeat the exercise.

Now you already have 4 exercises for the circle. 4 more are following during the next weeks.

Btw: I've published my LLA-method as a paperback (in German) two weeks ago. Just check it out here if you understand German ;)