Day 11-20 of my German Volume Training (GVT) experiment - Workouts & Results

Hey guys,

The third and forth 5-day cycles are done! When I look in the mirror I definitely see that I've packed on some muscle mass (especially at the chest, arms and legs) and lost body fat. Today in the morning I steped on the scale and I was a bit confused because I actually weigh less than last time...174 lbs (79 kg) - a minus of 1.77 lbs (0.8 kg). As I told you last time I haven't made any other measurements (memo to myself: next time proper measurements!) but I use to trust the man in the mirror more than the scale so I believe that GVT works very good for me. Another proof for the benefits of GVT are my results...I improved my performance in all the major exercises (and I still have sore muscles every single day). Today start the last ten days and I'm really curious about how I'll look like at the end!

Have fun!