"The LLA-Method - How to get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime" - Release of my new ebook about strength and cardio training!

Hey guys,

today I've released my new kindle ebook "The LLA-Method - How to get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime Part II: Strength and Cardio Training" on amazon for a really affordable price ($3.99)! I've already published this book in German and now it's time to present you the strength and cardio part in English as well! I'd translated it on my own and I want to take the chance to thank my amazing proofreaders Eric Kitei, Drew Jarrett, Christen Madison and Gerard Christenhusz for helping me to adjust the language stuff so that it becomes a proper read for you!

Still content is king, so here are some information about the topics of the book that can help you to get the physique you want:

The LLA-Method is a fitness and nutrition concept, developed by graduated sport scientist Andreas Heller (author of www.andisfitnessblog.com). "Part 2: Strength and Cardio Training" aims to provide you with comprehensive and well-founded knowledge about the fundamentals of strength and cardio training, written in a compact manner.  First off, the book introduces important knowledge about strength training with some of its varieties (e.g. workouts with free weights, kettlebells etc.). Afterwards the field of "Kettlebell Workouts" is covered with more in-depth information and a very effective and time saving full body kettlebell circuit will be presented to you (including pictures).  In the following chapter HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) as the “royal road of cardio training” will be described (including possible workout designs). The final chapter provides you with some tips on how you can implement the LLA-Method easily into your life and you can find some additional tips for daily life fitness. “The LLA-Method Part II: Strength and Cardio Training“ can help you to improve your life by showing how you can get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime. Do yourself a big favor and read this book! Last to say: Have fun in your better new life…

The LLA-Method - How to get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime Part II: Strength and Cardio Training

If you want more information you could find a short excerpt of the book on HealthMeUp (one of the major fitness and health websites in India)! 
Please find below some pre-release reviews and reviews from the German version:
Steve from hoylesfitness.com: "I read this book over the weekend and enjoyed the variety of content on offer. Explaining a mixture of kettlebells, bodyweight and weight training, the book provides an insight into exercise without making outrageous claims. If you are new to exercising and looking for a good start guide, look no further!"  
Sven (Germany): "Very rich in information and easy to read. The book has shown me the failures of my former workouts and helped me to improve it. Special thanks to the author!"
Suse (Germany): "As a fitness beginner I received some tips through the book which I directly implemented to my workouts. It showed me the benefits of kettlebell training and gave me a better understanding of it. The cardio part was also very interesting. I could read this book in one go, because it is not filled with useless stuff but gets straight down to the nitty-gritty."
Marion (Germany): "My husband bought this book and is very satisfied with it. He read the book more than once and can highly recommend it!"
Get a copy here to improve your life:
US: amazon .com ($ 3.99)
UK: amazon .co.uk (£ 2.99)
India: amazon .in (Rs. 240)