Cycle 18 - Results of CC, non-CC, HIIT and Push Up Challenge

Hey guys,

Results, results, results...Cycle 18 is finished...That week I haven't done a lot but as you know, consistency is what counts most (and, at least, I did a few workouts)...

Area 1: My Convict Conditioning results

This week I have done only kneeling push ups (30/25/22) and flat bent leg raises (30/21/22) once (day 1).
Nothing else...(due to a lack of time).

Area 2: Not CC related workouts

On day 4 I did my kettlebell circuit and on day 8 I did 50 box jumps and 50 squats.

Area 3: HIIT cardio

I did 30 minutes of HIIT cardio once that week. I'd just warmed up 6-7 minutes and added some sprints, uptempo runs, hill runs and stair sprints as high-intensity intervals until I'd filled the 30 minutes.

Area 4: The 30 Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 21: 115 push-ups
Day 22: 120 push-ups
Day 23: 125 push-ups
Day 24: REST
Day 25: 130 push-ups
Day 26: 135 push-ups
Day 27: 140 push-ups
Day 28: REST

That's all for cycle 18....up to the last days of the push up challenge!

Btw.: Tomorrow my new ebook is going to be released on amazon! Will tell you more tomorrow!