Cycle 16 - Results of CC, non-CC, HIIT and Push Up Challenge

Hey guys,

Something new in my routine...Finally I've integrated HIIT cardio into my weekly plan. I wrote an article about HIIT around 2 months ago and now, I started with it myself. Therefore I integrate a new section into my result post (Area 3: HIIT cardio). Regarding the other stuff I can tell you that it's going pretty well. I did the usual Convict Conditioning stuff, HIIT Cardio, the demanded reps from the 30 day challenge and a bit more not-cc-related stuff than before. Here is what I've done:

Area 1: My Convict Conditioning results

Everything works as usual. Only special thing I like to mention is that I've progressed in the handstand push-up series! I started with half handstand push-ups last week and I can tell you that it works and that I love it :) Here's a video of my second attempt:

Area 2: Not CC related workouts

On Day 3 I did, additionally to the CC hspu, 3 sets of 6 reps single leg romanian deadlifts with 132 lbs (60 kg), some hang stuff with a towel and 3 sets barbell rotations (the exercise that my buddy Steve recommends in his blog, thanks man!).
On Day 5 I did several pull up variations on a playground, 50 box jumps, 100 aquats and 50 lunges after my HIIT cardio session that day.
On day 7 I visited the gym again and did the same stuff I'd done on day 3 plus 3 sets bodyweight dips and on day 8 I did some pull ups again.

Area 3: HIIT cardio

As it gets warmer and warmer I feel the summer is finally coming and I'm not yet satisfied with what I see in the mirror. This has boosted my motivation for doing the cardio that I'd skiped way too often before. In cycle 16 I'd done HIIT 3 times (day 1,5,8). I haden't found my sports watch, so I hadn't done the 30-20-10 stuff, instead I'd just warmed up 6-7 minutes and added some sprints, uptempo runs, hill runs and stair sprints as high-intensity intervals until I'd filled the 30 minutes. It was hard, but I always felt better afterwards.

Area 4: The 30 Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 5: 55 push-ups
Day 6: 60 push-ups
Day 7: 65 push-ups
Day 8: REST
Day 9: 70 push-ups
Day 10: 75 push-ups
Day 11: 80 push-ups
Day 12: REST

That was all from cycle 16. How is your training going btw.?