Video + exercise description - Flat Knee Raise

Hey guys,

Finally I hit the target for knee tucks and progressed in the leg raise series. As the last second step of a progression series I now descripe the Flat Knee Raise. This exercise helps you to work your whole waist (abs, lower back, side abs), the hip flexors and your front thigh muscles a bit harder than the knee tucks did. As we are getting closer to the summer, the need for good ab exercises is getting bigger ;)

Let's come to the how-to-perform explanation:

Lie down flat on the floor or a mat. Keep your arms flat beside your torso and your legs together. Bend your knees approx. 90 degrees so that they form a right angle and lift your feet slightly from the floor (around 1-2 inches). Make sure that your torso stays stable on the floor during the whole exercise (no hollow-back!) and that your abs are contracted all the time. Slowly bring your knees up over your hips until your calves are parallel to the floor (remember to hold the right angle at your knees). This move should take 2 seconds. Hold the finish position for a count of one. Now move back slowly to the start position (2 seconds) and start the next rep. If it's possible don't allow your feet to touch the ground during the exercise (if this exercise is to hard, you can slightly let them touch the floor every 3-5 reps)! If you can't manage to meet the target instantly, do as much reps as possible until you can do the requested amount. The 2-1-2 cadence is very reasonable for this exercise (ab muscles have mostly slow-twitch fibres). No shortcuts allowed here (same like the knee tuck exercise)!

Target: 3 sets of 35 reps

At my youtube channel (Andreas Heller) you can already find more videos to the Progression Series (I'm gonna explain the exercises in further postings).