Cycle 15 - Results

Hey guys,

The last cycle is done and I've implemented a 30 day push-up challenge into my regular workout routine that replaces the 30 day squat challenge, which I've finished last week. That week my workouts have come to normal again. I did some Convict Conditioning stuff, some other workouts and the first days of the Push-Up Challenge. Here are my results:

Area 1: My Convict Conditioning results

The first 3 days of Cycle 15 were dedicated to CC exercises. The results are average compared to my last CC sessions. Only result that could be mentioned as outstanding is, again, the squat result. After the 30 day squat challenge I've decided to move on to close squats (step 6 of the squat series)...and guess what? I`ve hit the target reps instantly (but I have to use small counterweigths to hold the balance). After my pull up excess in Munich last cycle I also decided to progress to step 3 of the pull up series - jackknife pulls. But the results of that exercise were ordinary (I hope it'll get better over the next few weeks).

Area 2: Not CC related workouts

Beside the CC stuff and the Push-Up Challenge I've done some other workouts during that cycle. I did 5x1 minute plank exercise and my kettlebell circuit (that I'll explain detailed in further postings) on day 5 and 250 squats in a row on day 6. On day 8 of the cycle I visited the gym and did several types of pull ups, some hanging stuff with a towel (to improve forearm strength), handstands, inverted shoulder presses (3sets of 12 reps) and 1 set of 6 reps (each side) single leg Romanian deadlift with a barbell (132 lbs (60 kg)).

Area 3: The 30 Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 1: 40 push-ups
Day 2: 45 push-ups
Day 3: 50 push-ups
Day 4: Rest

That's all for this cycle!