Cycle 13

Hey guys,

Today my result post is short and simple...mainly because I haven't done much...
I've had a lot of work to do and I was on a 2-day lasting Italian wedding last week (which was very nice by the way). I know, excuses don't count, but that's how it is.
Things that I've done:
I did some push ups, some ab exercises and, of course, the squats from the "30 Day Squat Challenge" (at least I haven't skip this one). This week won't be better at all...I'll be in Munich for 5 days, but afterwards I'll do a re-start.

Area 3: The 30 Day Squat Challenge
Day 17: 150 in a row
Day 18: 155 in a row
Day 19: 160 in a row
Day 20: Rest
Day 21: 180 in a row
Day 22: 185 in a row
Day 23: 190 in a row
Day 24: Rest

Still all reps in a row!! Squats are going well (but after the sessions my legs burn like hell and I have to hobble for 10 minutes).