Video + exercise description - Wall Handstand

Hey guys,

After you've got used to the invert position by performing the wall headstand and learned how to balance your whole bodyweight by holding the crow stand the time has come to combine those two exercises to the third step of the handstand push up progression - The Wall Handstand. This exercise is essential for the further steps because it is the start position for the next 7 steps! So it is of utmost importance that you train in this step until you feel really secure in the handstand position and can hold your weight easily! Btw.: You gonna need some more courage to kick yourself up harder into the handstand position than you needed for the headstand due to the extension of your arms (higher start position). I'm sure you gonna make it!

Let's come to the how-to-perform explanation:

At first you have to find a solid wall or tree stem (you can use the same as you already used for wall headstands). Get down on all fours and place your palms about shoulder-width apart on the floor (approx. 6-10 inches from the wall). Your arms should be extended. Now bring the knee of your stronger leg close to your corresponding elbow and straighten out the weaker leg. Push down with the strong leg and kick the other leg simultaneously in the air. Both legs should now move up in the direction of the wall. After your feet touched the wall, straighten your legs until your body is aligned. Breathe easy through your nose. The contact with the wall should be with your heels only (the body is slightly curved in the pose). Keep your arms straight during this exercise! Now try to hold this position for the requested time and bring your legs back down slow and safe!

Target: 1-2 sets of 2 minutes (if you can't manage the target instantly, hold it as long as you can hold it safely)

Caution: If you don't believe that you can manage this exercise or if you're totally unfit or if you feel to weak for holding this position then skip the handstand push up progression (and also this exercise) until you feel you can do it safely!

At my youtube channel (Andreas Heller) you can already find more videos to the Progression Series (I'm gonna explain these exercises in further postings).