Video + exercise description - Crow Stand

Hey guys,

It's time for the movement description of my favorite exercise so far - The Crow Stand.
The crow stand represents the second step of the handstand push up progression series. Compared to the wall headstand (which was the first step), this exercise is meant to improve your balance, to give you enough power to carry your entire bodyweight with arm and shoulder strength and to develop basic "stabilizer" strength in your shoulders, wrists and fingers, instead of getting you used to the invert position. This point is essential because it forces you to perform at least a short set of an upside-down pose exercise (like the wall headstand) additionally (to stay used to that pose as well). I like this exercise a lot because in my youth I'd tried it several times and never made more than 2 seconds but now I'm able to hold it for 1 minute or longer (here I've beaten my younger me already - Yeah!).  

Let's come to the how-to-perform explanation:

Squat down with your knees apart (bodyweight on your forefeet not your heels). Place your palms shoulder-width apart on the floor in front of you. Your arms should be bent a bit in this position. Now place your knees at the outsides of your elbows and lean forwards slowly. Now start tipping yourself forward little by little and carry more and more weigth through your palms and analog less through your feet. Eventually the point of balance will shift, your feet will lose contact with the ground and you balance your whole weight through your palms. Hoist the legs up tight and hold the position for the target time. Sometimes you have to use your finger strength (press them hard on the floor) to stop you from falling forwards. Afterwards reverse the movement by slowly shifting your weight backwards until your toes touch the floor again.

Target: 1 set of 1 min (if you can't manage the target instantly, hold as long as you can and try to increase the holding time from session to session)

P.S.: As long as I couldn't manage to hold the requested time I attempted the crow stand 3-4 times per session. 

If you try this exercise I would love to here how long you could balance the position!