Low-Carb Pudding - Another nice dessert for us

Hey guys,

I already published a recipe for a delicious and healthy dessert before - Roasted Apples.
As it's always good to have some alternatives I'm gonna provide you with one more recipe for a low-carb dessert. This one is pretty easy and tatsty but just if you can accept the use of flavored protein powder. If you don't wanna use it because it's processed you can use other sweet stuff to substitute the protein powder (e.g. artificial sweeteners or stevia), but this might be on the expense of taste. It's up to you...I prefer protein powder instead of artificial sweeteners (and I don't like the taste of stevia).


- 1 vanilla bean
- 6.5 fl. oz. (approx. 200ml) fresh soy milk
- 3.5 fl.oz. (approx. 100ml) cream
- 1 fresh egg yolk
- 1.5 tbsp. vanilla flavored protein powder
- 1.2 tsp. locust bean gum powder

Heat 5 fl.oz. (150ml) soy milk in a pot (don't boil it!). Meanwhile add the rest of the soy milk (1.5 fl.oz.), the liquid cream, the locust bean gum powder, the protein powder, the extract of the vanilla bean and the egg yolk to a shaker and shake it well. Pour the mixture in the pot with the hot milk and stir it until the whole mix thickens enough to coat the back of a metal spoon. Pour into serving dishes and decorate it with fruits if you want. Chill before serving.

Enjoy your dessert!