Cycle 9

Hey guys,

This is the first result post after I've made major adjustments to my workout routine (read more about it at "The Plan - Part III"). I have to admit that I really enjoyed it to do some exercises that are not part of the Convict Conditioning progression series and I feel like it really could help me to improve my strength and my ability to go further in the CC series in the future.

Here is the table of results from last week:

Cycle 9

As you can see, the first part of the cycle was quite normal. I've made progress in every exercise, which was pretty good. Regarding the bridge series I decided to do just one set of straight bridges and two sets of angled bridges (which are already the third step). I did this because I still have my problems with the straight bridge exercise, but feel like I could get better results for my lower back by performing the next step from time to time (maybe I'll alternate both exercises until I am able to meet both rep targets). The major changes have taken place in the second part of the cycle! I told you that I'll do other exercises for the same muscle groups (represented by the "big six"-areas). I decided that I won't bind myself to specific exercises but to do those of which I feel like that they are able to help me improving my strength best. That way it could happen that I'll perform different exercises every time (or always the same...depends on my mood) which gives new impulses to my body and, hopefully, helps it to move on faster. Last week I substituted kneeling push ups by a compilation of different push up (pu) variations - wall pu, incline pu, kneeling pu, floor pu (legs wide apart), regular pu, floor pu (side-to-side), decline pu, floor pu (1 leg elevated), diamond pu, fingertip pu, hindu pu, uneven pu, clapping pu, chest tap pu, superman clap pu (I made a video compilation of them for my buddy Doug - you can find it here) - I performed every pu variation between 5-10 reps. Instead of horizontal pulls I made wide-grip lat pulldowns and wide-grip pull ups (normal and negative ones) which I didn't count (my focus in documentation is still at the CC part! The other part is just a supportive one.) In the leg raise area I did the normal flat knee raise exercise like last week (but this time I've hit the target once - two to go!). I did the normal squat exercise as well. By now I'm not performing half squats anymore but I'm still not flexible enough for full squats so I do a middle thing between both (and stay with the 2x50 target). As in the first part of the cycle I did wall handstands (the worse result came from muscle soreness in my shoulders which I "earned" through the push up compilation). As bridge exercises I did angled bridges (I guess the result is quite good for the beginning). That was all for the week as I cut out the HIIT, because of a hurting ankle (the left one hurts a bit since the last HIIT session).

Let's see what the next week can give me (and us)!




  1. Pull ups have come along great! Well done!

    1. Thank you Steve! Yeah, I feel like I'm getting better each time but especially pull ups are still pretty hard to me. Hope that the improvement goes on!


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