Cycle 12 - A big rest in Italy

Hey guys,

I've just arrived back from my relaxing trip to Sardinia, Italy (some pics below).
It's one of the most beautyful places I've ever seen in my entire life! The whole island is full of amazing landscapes, charming little villages and wonderful seasides. It's also very nice to relax your mind there, because you can find true silence (which is almost impossible if you live in a big city) and unbelieveable good food. If you ever get the chance to vist Sardinia, take it (but make sure you get a rental car to see the parts which are not filled with tourists!). I was so overwhelmed that I start thinking about launching an additional blog for learning basic Italian that you actually could use when you visit Italy (real daily use stuff that you definitely need; most Italians, especially if you're not in a touristic city centre, don't speak english and they appreciate if you can speak a little Italian).

Unfortunately this is my fitness blog and I want to tell you about my progress in this post...
Seen from a healthy and fit lifestyle perspective the last week was a desaster...I'd eaten tons of delicious pasta, pizza, white bread with olive oil and dolce (sweets & desserts). Additionally, I'd drunk a bottle of tasty domestic red wine  and 8-10 Cappuccini each day. Italian food in Italy is soooo delicious but unfortunately not the most healthiest (they have healthy food as well, but I love the unhealthy stuff more)! Anyway, I've enjoyed it and as it has been only one week it's ok for me. I haven't done any workouts, expect squats from the "30 Day Squat Challange". I'd been on the road or at nice little caf├Ęs every day and had been too tired every evening to work out...I know an excuse doesn`t count but I see the last week as a big rest from my "normal" routines.

However, as I'm back to normal now, I'm going to start my fitness plan and my healthy diet from tomorrow on again!

Results (the few I have):

Area 3: The 30 Day Squat Challenge

Day 6: 75 in a row
Day 7: 80 in a row
Day 8: Rest
Day 9: 100 in a row
Day 10: 105 in a row
Day 11: 110 in a row
Day 12: Rest
Day 13: 130 in a row
Day 14: 135 in a row
Day 15: Rest
Day 16: 140 in a row (Today)

I switched day 15and 16 compared to the original plan. Until now I've been able to perform all squats in one set each day, which is good so far.

Up to the next (regular) week!