Cycle 11 - Results of my Workout Routines

Hey guys,

I have to tell you, that the last few weeks have been really, really busy weeks for me. I've done a lot of video work for my youtube channel (especially Kettlebell stuff), published 2 books (one about nutrition, the other about fitness and sports) at kindle direct publishing (both in German), started with the English translation of one book (I hope you'll like it once it is finished!), done all of my scheduled strength training sessions (again I cut out the cardio stuff...unfortunately), worked a lot in my office and planned my holidays (I'm going on vacations to Sardinia, Italy for one week from Saturday on)!!!

Today, as usual, I present you the results of the last cycle. I decided to change the design of the result posts a bit caused by the use of The Plan - Part III to make it clearer for you.  On Saturday I'll post one more article before I fly to Italy (and I think about scheduling one post for Wednesday next week) and then I'll continue publishing an article every other day again from Sunday next week on.

Area 1: My Convict Conditioning results

CC from Cycle 11
As you could see in the table I've made progress in every single exercise I've performed last week (except of horizontal pulls which I haven't done this cycle). Still room for big improvements...
In the bridge series I've finally decided to stick to the Full Bridges. As I'm already able to perform them properly and with a good rep figure I think this won't be bad.

As there is nothing special in the CC stuff I introduce to you the second area...

Area 2: Not CC related workouts

From now on I will publish all fitness stuff I've done in the recently finished cycle that has nothing to do with CC. To generate new stimuli for my muscles to grow and improve I'll do vary the exercises in area 2 very often!
On day 3 and 7 I performed 3 sets of my full body kettlebell circuit (again, I love working out with kettlebells and now they made it into my routine like last year!). I've already done all the video work for showing you exactly how the circuit looks like. Next month I'll write two articles that explain every exercise in the circuit in detail (I'm already excited how you will like it!!!). On day 2 I did some pull exercises (like slow lat pulldowns, some pull ups and some negative pull ups). I haven`t written down the results from the pull exercises...something I'm gonna change in the future to make my workouts and results more transparent for you! On day 5 I did 200 push ups in different variations. I just performed as many as possible in a row (first set - 51 reps), made a break of 5 seconds and started again 'till I fulfilled my goal of 200 push ups.

Area 3: The 30 Day Squat Challenge

This area is a temporarily area that I'll only use when I participate in a "special" program like this squat challenge (you can read more about it here).
The challenge started last Saturday with 50 squats. Here is how I've done it by now:
Day 1: 50 in a row
Day 2: 55 in a row
Day 3: 60 in a row
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 70 in a row

That's all from my side for today! If you want, just leave a comment below. I'm always happy to see what you think about this blog, my workouts or anything else you want to share.