Cycle 10 - Results of my Workout Routines

Hey guys,

sorry for the delayed post, but I've been busy the last days. Anyway, here are my results of the last cycle:

Cycle 10
Again I made one 3-day part of Convict Conditioning and another one with (partly) different exercises for the various muscles. The CC part (day 5-7, the flat knee raises on day 1 and half squats on day 2)  was quite good and improving (except of the pulls). Only special thing to mention is that I skipped straight bridges and did full bridges (step 6 of the bridge progression) instead. This worked out pretty well actually (through my Trifecta flexibility stuff that I perform every day I'm able to do a proper bridge already). You might have noticed that I've reached the target reps for flat knee raises 3 times in a row by now, which means that I'm going to move on to step 3 in the leg raise progression next week. As announced in "The Plan - Part III"  I've done some special exercises in the first part of the week as well. For the push up muscles I performed the same push up compilation as I did in cycle 9. Instead of horizontal pulls I made lat pulldowns and on day 3 I replaced bridges and handstand by a nice kettlebell circuit (3 sets). I'm gonna write an article (with video) about this circle next month, so you can see it. It contains swings, snatches, pulls etc. (8 exercises in total) and works the whole body (especially posterior chain muscles, core and shoulders).

Looking forward to see what the next week is going to be!

Btw.: I'll cut out the "normal" squat routines for one month from saturday on, because I join the "30 Day Squat Challange" initiated by Toni Hooper (I've been invited and I love a good challange from time to time). The other exercises will be performed as normal.