Roasted apples - The low-carb way for the delicious dessert

Hey guys,

Everybody needs a dessert sometimes...if you just like to finish your menu with a nice dessert, invite your girlfriend or boyfriend over to a romantic dinner or just like to cook two- or three-course meals. If you want to follow a healthy diet this actually could be a problem since most of the common desserts contain huge amounts of sugar or other fast carbohydrate sources (e.g. honey). But there are still opportunities for delicious and healthy desserts. The recipe of one alternative is the following:

Roasted apples (healthy style)


- 6-7 small-sized sour apples (it's quite important that they are sour!)
- 2-3 oz. (approx. 50-80g) butter
- 2-2.5 oz. (approx. 50-70g) flaked almonds
- 1 vanilla bean
- 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder

Wash the apples properly and cut them to quarters. Get rid of the seeds and the apple core by cutting them out. Now cut the quarters to smaller cubes. Heat the butter in a saucepan until it is melted. Put the apple cubes inside and stir them. Let it cook for approx. 12 minutes and then add the cinnamon powder and the flaked almonds. Let it simmer 5 more minutes. Meanwhile scrape the vanilla bean and add the extract to the apples.Stir it from time to time. Finally your healthy dessert is finished! Pretty simple, isn't it?

Btw.: Apples are great even for a low-carb diet, because they contain few carbs (and few calories as well). Additionally some nutrition scientists assume that cinnamon may also help you to lower your blood sugar level. If you put this together, few carbs (small insulin effect) from the apples + the effect of cinnamon (lower blood sugar levels lead to less insulin production) the final carb influence is pretty low. As there is no high insulin level there is no big transportation system for fat (butter) into your body cells either. So you get a tasty dessert with almost no negative side-effects that normally accompanies the common desserts.

Enjoy it without any worries or regrets!



  1. What about the butter? I don't know if a low-carb snack with butter is worth it? Or is the amount of butter pretty minimal per serving? I'm diabetic so low-carb is always good but I still don't want too much fat.

    1. Hi Ben,
      I'm really glad that you share your concerns with us! I'm not a studied medical expert but I know a lot about diabetes (type II). I researched this topic intensively because my mother is a diabetic as well and I want to know everything about this disease to help my mother. From my point of view (and the experiences with my mother) butter (or fat in general) is not a problem, sugar/carbs in general are the bad thing. As you need a source of energy (carbs/fat/protein are the main sources) fat is the best choice for main energy supply. Protein is very important and the human body needs it mainly as "building materials" (for muscles, hormones, enzyme and so on). As everyone needs energy that the body can "do what it has to do for keeping you alive" fat could/should be the main resource. Of course you have to differ between the fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated at the rate of 1:2). There are lots of things you have to pay attention to if it comes to fat (Omega-3 vs. Omega-6, transfat etc.), but fat in general is essential (carbs aren't!). If I were you, I would try a small portion of it and measure the effect on my blood sugar level afterwards to see what happens. Of course if you still don't feel comfortable with the amount of butter you can cut it down to half of the amount. Btw.: The recipe is for approx. 4 persons (even though I can eat the whole on my own, cos it's so tasty ;) ). Are you type 1 or 2 diabetic? In near future I'm gonna publish a recipe for a shake that is capable of lowering the blood sugar level and contains everything one needs for living (not a powder for shake you can buy, all ingredients are fresh). If you want to I can inform you after posting.
      I hope you find my answer helpful! Feel free to ask if you want to hear more.

  2. Thanks for giving us also the "gramm"-ingredience. I am not familiar with the oz and therefore... I will make it by my own. I love roasted apples


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