Cycle 8

Hey guys,

This week was weak...
Ok it was not that bad and I made really good progress in some areas, but I'm still very disappointed with my performance at the horizontal pulls and the straight bridges.
Here are my results:

Cycle 8
Additionally I made "Bar Hangs" and "Single Leg Calf Raise from the floor with bent legs" 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (L-Hold - step 2, Twist Hold - step 2, Bridge Hold - step 3).

As you could see in the table I moved on in 3 of the 6 progression series, which I'm proud of. The flat knee raise is definitely manageable. I believe that I can progress to the next step during the next 2 weeks. In the squat progression series I have a run...fourth exercise and again I met the target instantly and already twice. I'm looking forward to the next leg session when I finish the half squats and can move on to the full squats. The progression in the push up series worked out well, too. I now perform kneeling push ups. They are really more difficult as the incline push ups and are the first push up exercise that is done on the floor. But they are manageable as well. I'm progressing with the wall handstand so no need to doubt on that one. Still my biggest problems...horizontal pulls and straight bridges... Those two exercises kind of depress me, progress is really slow and I guess it will take at least 2-3 months until I'll be able to move on to the next step. However, I keep trying until I finally reach the target reps. As I told you last time I've started to do horizontal pulls from a higher base (breast height) which worked out pretty well (at day 2 I made 30/30/30) but as I lowered the base a bit my reps diminished to an unsatisfying level (day 6) again. I hope this will get better...
Regarding my cardio: I cut out HIIT on day 4 because this was my birthday and I hadn't been in the mood to do any training that day. On day 8 I've done two sets and afterwards my lungs burned like hell...That shows me again that I definitely have to stop smoking (my big vice)...I'll attempt it on Easter Sunday.

Up to the next week!


Btw.: I won't apply major adjustments to my plan this time so I prolong it for 4 more weeks before I make some changes.