Cycle 7

Hey guys,

One week passed by since I published my last results, so it's time for the next table of results:

Cycle 7
Additionally I made "Bar Hangs" and "Single Leg Calf Raise from the floor with bent legs" (I moved on to the third, way harder, step) 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (step 2).

I'm very happy with this cycle athough I haven't done HIIT cardio this week. Due to the return of winter in Germany with all its facets like snow and ice I've decided to take that week off regarding cardio training. Two years ago I broke my left foot while I was running in Febuary and I didn't want to risk that this happens again. Now the weather is getting better so I'm confident that I can do HIIT in the following cycle.

I followed my diet very strict at the last seven cycle with one exception. On day 4 of this cycle I visited the restaurant with the golden M to devour a super-size burger menu and afterwards some sweets. I always try to avoid such overindulge with high-carb food but every now and then an exception is ok (shoudn't be oftener than 1-2 times a month). Total abstinence could lead to frustration and dismotivation, so I don't blame me for that incidence.

With regards to my calisthenics results I have to say that this week was a good one again. I've hit the targets in incline push ups once, in supported squats twice (after I reached the rep target once last week = already 3 times in a row), in knee tucks twice and in the crow stand. As I've already done wall handstands to prepare for the crow stand I switched the exercises on day 7. I am able to hold the crow stand for around 1 minute so on day 7 I started to do crow stand as a warm-up exercise and moved on to the third step of the handstand series (wall handstand) as the main exercise. I'm gonna move on in the squat progression and the leg raise progression in cycle 8 and if I'm able to hit the target in incline push ups once again in cycle 8 I will progress to the third step of this series as well. I know I said that I'll wait until I achived the target three times in a row but if I feel that I can manage it easily the second time I'll decide from case to case if I move on already. I still have big problems with short bridges but my performence is still improving (very, very slowly). I'm gonna perform this exercise without adjustments anyhow, as I still believe that it will better up in time. My other problem exercise was (and still is) the horizontal pulls. You may have recognized that my rep figures increased enormously. This is not caused by a miracle but by an adjustment in the execution of the exercise. I've started to do the pulls on a chest-high bar (which is much easier). When I'm able to do the rep target like this I'll use a bellybutton-high bar and then, after succeed there, the normal bar higth for the exercise (around the hips). I made this adjustment because I felt like not enhancing at all in this exercise. Situation with short bridges is a bit different, cos here improvement is just very slow. From the table you can see, that I'm now able to improve in the pull move.

I hope that I can show you good results again next week.



  1. That place with the golden M can be a hard mother to resist man. And I have the added "pleasure" of living right opposite one of them. lol

    1. You're absolutely right! Especially if you`re hungry and don't wanna cook by yourself its gravity could grow to the size of the Himalaya...
      I guess it's even harder when you live next to one of them...
      Maybe their attraction comes from the color "gold"...everyone is attracted by gold...;)


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