Cycle 5

Hey guys,

It's time to present you the results of the fifth cycle (the first one since I've adjusted my plan).

Cycle 5
Additionally I made "Bar Hangs" and "Double Leg Calf Raise from the floor with straight legs" 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (step 2).

Again this cycle was a good one. I improved with every exercise, which makes me pretty happy after the hard cycles 3 and 4. As I mentioned in "The Plan - Part II" I moved on in the handstand push up progression. I still do a set of wall headstand for 2 minutes (to stay used to the inverse position) everytime before I do crow stands. As the target of crow stand is 1 set of 1 minute, I decided to attempt the hold several times and write down the result of the best attempt. I have to admit that I like this exercise a lot because it feels pretty cool to be in the crow stand (and it looks impressiv as well ;) ). You might have seen that I progressed to step 2 of the squat progression too. This happened at day 2 during I was performing the second set of shoulderstand squats. I just finished the first one with 50 reps and somehow I thought that moving on to the next step might be a good idea (maybe this thought crossed my mind because the second set hadn't worked out that good due to some pain in my neck). I interrupted the set and started with the jackknife squats. As you can see in the result table this turned out to be a good idea because my leg power is high enough (and my flexibility is now good enough as well) to hit the target instantly. And the same happened on day 6 (second time). If I can do it one more time I'm going on to step 3 (which I would enjoy). Last, but not least, I also progressed to step 2 of the push up progression. In fact I just reached the target reps for wall push ups 2 times in a row, but as I was highly motivated due to the other improvements, and because it was easy to hit the target again I moved on to step 2. The incline push ups were hard (afterwards I've had muscle soreness) but manageable so I stick to them. The progresses in straight bridges, knee tucks and horizontal pulls are absolutely slow but there are improvements eventually.

I'm satisfied with this cycle and I hope that it goes on like this.