The Diet

Hey guys,

today I'm gonna write a bit about my specific diet which hopefully helps me to accelerate my progress.
As I'm not in a pen I see no need in following Paul Wades advices on this topic. I truly believe (and I read metaphorically a whole library of books/articles/studies about nutrition) that it makes big differences for your health and your power when it comes to your daily food consumption, e.g. the quality and the amount of protein etc.

My personal diet could be described as a cocktail...
I took a big cocktail shaker and put in paleo, atkins, logi, glyx, organic movement and some findings of newer studies and shook them well. The outcome of this nice low-carb shake is my personal diet...

I prefer to stick to some rules instead of  a strict nutritional protocol so I thought about some pillar rules to build my own food guide pyramid.

Here are the simple pillar rules of eating:
1. Try to avoid carbs as good as possible (the human body digests carbs in a bad way)
2. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (as an exception of rule no. 1 - you can eat as much fruits/vegetables as you like even if they contain carbs)
3. Try to substitute dairy products with soy products (e.g. milk) as often as possible
4. Eat a lot of good proteins and fat (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, soy, beans etc.)
5. Try to use fresh, organic food whenever it is possible
6. Eat slowly until you have had enough but not more
7. Eat whenever you are hungry (even if you just eat some nuts or an egg)
8. Try to avoid any fast food, convenient food and any processed food
9. Just drink water or coffee or unsweetened tea, avoid any other drinks (no soft drinks; not even juice!)

Attention: Before you gonna live by these rules check up with a doc if you have any allergy!

I tried this diet before and it always helped me to get leaner and gave me more power than any other kind of diet.

In later posts I'm gonna explain some of the rules more deeply (e.g. why it definitely makes sense to avoid carbs; and why this isn't valid for fruits).

So now you know how my diet looks like...



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