Cycle 4

Hey guys,

Today it's time to show you my results from the recently finished fourth cycle.

Cycle 4

Additionally I made "Bar Hangs" and "Double Leg Calf Raise from the floor with straight legs" 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (compared to cycle 3 I progressed to step 2 in the hang & calf raise progression and also in every exercise of the trifecta!).

This time I am satisfied with my results. I made good progress in every exercise and reached the target in wall push ups and wall headstands once. In the bridge progression I've started with straight bridges which represent the second step. This exercise is much harder than the short bridges but I feel good with performing them.

My feelings about this cycle are absolutely positive and I can see progress in strength and appearence. Working out makes much more fun when you can see major improvements in your mirror as well :)

The first 4 cycles are done by now and I'm going to think about adjustments in my plan. The day after tomorrow I'll post the plan for the next 4 cycles with adjustments.

Have a nice day!