Cycle 3

Hey guys,

Today it's time to show you my results from the recently finished cycle.

Cycle 3
Additionally I made "Horizontal Hang" and "Double Leg Calf Raise from the floor with bent knees" 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (like in the last cycles).

This time my results had been uneven but mostly improved. I made good progress with the knee tucks, short bridges and wall headstands. Wall push ups got better but I had to cut down reps at the second and third set in the second half of this cycle. This was mainly because I was exhausted after the first set (50 reps --> target reached). I guess it's just a small dent in the progress. Day 3 was really not good at all. I had bigger problems with the shoulderstand squats due to a lack of power for holding the posture so I had to cut down the reps each set...but I improved at day 6. I believe that day 3 was just a bad day. The reason for the low rep figure at the horizontal pulls was that I had no bar and I had to use a kitchen table instead (which is much need way more power in your forearms!).

Maybe you recognised that I met the requested reps for short bridges 3 times in a time I wanna progress to the second step of the bridge progression.

All things considered this cycle was not as good as I expected it would be, but it was ok. I hope to improve in the next cycle.

Have a nice day!