1st video + exercise description - The Wall Push Up

Hey guys,

as mentioned earlier this blog I'm going to post videos and descriptions of exercises which I use in my workout routine for building overall strenght and endurance.

Today it's time for the first exercise: The Wall Push Up

This exercise seems pretty easy and you can perform it almost everywhere. It represents the first step of the push up progression from Paul Wades book "Convict Conditioning". I've written it seems easy because, even if you're used to exercising in the gym (like I am), if you perform them correctly, it actually could be pretty hard. Due to the slow movement speed (2-1-2) and the high target reps (3 sets of 50 reps) the intensity is pretty high if you're not used to bodyweight training. If you're good in math you might have noticed that you've 250 sec of continous exercise load each set! That is a lot and also the reason why I was struggling with that exercise in the beginning (I'm used to the regular 3 sets of 8-12 reps with a 1-0-2 cadence = 24-36 sec each set). Anyway, after you hit the target 3 times in a row, you should/could move on to the next step (in my opinion).

Let's come to the how-to-perform explanation:

Face a wall with your feet together. Distance should be like seen on the video (if you stand closer to the wall it gets easier; farther and it gets harder). Place your palms flat against the wall (if you put them a little lower, the exercise is getting a bit easier). Your arms should be shoulder width apart and your elbows should be bent a little. Now bend your elbows and shoulders until you hit the wall smoothly with your forehead (this should take 2 sec). Hold the position for 1 sec (don't put pressure on your forehead!). Press yourself back in the start position (again 2 sec). Repeat without a rest (0 sec rest at the top/start position). If you can't manage to meet the target, do as much reps as possible until you can do the requested amount.

Target: 3 sets of 50 reps

Paul recommends to do the exercise only once a week but I prefer to do it twice (see "The Plan").

I hope this post is useful to you! I'm gonna prepare some more videos and postings on the first steps of the progression series (and, of course, later on I'll continue with the other steps).