Hey guys,

first of all I want to start this blog with a short introduction of myself and then I'm going to tell you what's the purpose of me writing a blog about fitness.

First things first...
My name is Andi and I'm a 29-year old (6.04 ft) sport scientist from Cologne, Germany. My overall fitness level is pretty much average right now. After I degreed my studies in 2008 I worked out a bit but (unfortunatly) not on a regular base due to a lack of motivation (probably like most guys). Because of that (and my love for sweets...maybe) my weight ranged from 165 lbs to 220 lbs and my body fat level from 12% to 28% in the last 5 years. Today my scale displayed 175 lbs and I haven't checked my body fat but it must be around 18%. I restarted working out and changing my diet 13 days ago with 185 lbs. and nearly 21% body I'm on a good way by now!

Next topic...why do I start a blog like this?
There are some reasons why I decided that it might be a good idea to write a blog...most important, as I know myself, I can be pretty focused but after some weeks I develop a lack of motivation. By writing a blog I can do both, share my thoughts on diffrent fitness and nutrition topics and track my results (like a training log). Seeing what level of fitness I already reached might help me to overcome my inner laziness every once in a while. Another good reason to write this blog is to share my thoughts and (maybe) some knowledge about fitness, a healthy live and nutrition with you. This could help some of you reaching your goals as well. And helping other people is a good source for mental power and happiness (at least I read this in some articles and books ;) ). Last but not least...I hope I can get some new input, motivation and new points of view by communicating with you over this blog. So never hesitate to comment a post!

Next time I write about what kind of workout I do in this attempt that should bring me to incredible strength, untouchable health, unchallengable functional fitness and undiscribable mental power for a lifetime!