Office workout - It's all about time efficiency

Hey guys,

As written before, I'm quite busy at work and I have two boys with whom I love to spend my free time. That has resulted in a lack of time for exercising, so I had to rethink on how I could integrate workouts in my daily schedule without blocking too much time at once.
Before I had Kids, I was used to go to the gym either early in the morning or late in the evening which was no problem because no one really depends on me being "there". My girlfriend joined me sometimes and sometimes she did something else. No time issues at all (even with long working hours I could always find a free timeslot of 2 hours to exercise).
Now, with two kids waiting for me at home, time becomes a new meaning and I rather spend the free time with my family than with a lot of sweaty guys in the gym.

So what to do? I'm convinced that there are enough short time slots at work, where you can integrate workouts with no loss of real effective working time.
In fact, if you work in an off…

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