My t-shirt shop is online - You wanna be unique? Be unique!

Hey guys,

Some of you might have already noticed that I have a new section above called "T-Shirt Shop". In the shop you can find some awesome gym Shirts, which were designed by my good friend and t-shirt sponsor Michael Kleinsorg aka "Sean Milks". He designes cloths for almost 15 years now and owns several small brands.

So if you wanna work out and look awesome at the same time (who doesn't want that? ;) ) just take a look at the shop...he added a small selection of his gym designs to the shop of "Andi's Fitness Blog" (over time the variety will increase - just check it from time to time).

Btw.: As all of his brands are still small and mostly known just in Germany, there is a good chance that you will have a unique shirt in your area...sounds better than wearing the same Nike or Gold's Gym shirt that ten others wear at the same time in your surrounding, doesn't it?

Have fun and work out!


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