Monday, September 30, 2013

Phoenix from the ashes - Time to restart a strong and healthy life

Hey guys,

Some time has passed since I wrote the last article at my blog, but now I'll restart again!

I just came back from a 30 min. low-intensity run and I feel as if somebody had shot me into my right lung after 5 minutes already ...How could this even happen???

Over the last 6 weeks I've figuratively beaten down my health and fitness level with lots of cigaretts, junk food, sweets, ice cream and stuff like that (in fact the healthiest meal during that period was a half chicken which was drowned with 7 liters of beer in my stomach at the Oktoberfest im Munich). Additionally I haven't done any sports (in fact I haven't even moved much).

From today on, I'm back again and I will start with the program I wrote about in this post.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beast Mode Challenge - How many Push-Ups can you do in 24 hours?

Hey guys,

Today I wanna start with a new, irregular published series of challenges which I call "Beast Mode Challenges". A beast mode challenge is a really hard challenge that forces you to spend all of your energy in a predefined period with one single exercise. Of course it's up to you which movement speed you choose or which variety of the exercise you want to perform, I just predetermine the main kind of exercise and the period. What you make out of it is your choice! The only thing I want you to take care about is that you always maintain a proper movement execution, hand in hand with a good posture (it's about quantity AND quality to your own safety)!
Please join a beast mode challenge only if you are healthy and in good physical condition!

Todays challenge is "How many push-ups can you do in 24 hours?".

As you know, push-ups (or press-ups) are a very good exercise for the muscles at your chest, triceps, shoulders, core etc. But that's not the topic here...Let's come to the "description and rules" of the challenge:

Just choose a day when you have nothing else to do (e.g. at the weekend) and try out, how many push ups you can perform in a whole day and post your results in the comment area below (or, if you're not part of google+, feel free to send me an email with your name and your results to and I will post it for you!). Of course you can do as much sets as you want (even sets of 1 rep would be good) spread all over the day.

Exercise example:

or (as an easier version)

or any other variety you can imagine.

I always wanted to know how many I can do in 24 hours, what about you?

Btw.: According to Wikipedia, the current world record for most push-ups in 24 hours is by Charles Servizio (USA) who achieved 46,001 push-ups in just 21 hours, 6 minutes on 1993, April 24 to 25 (I already mentioned that in my 30 day push up challenge post, but it's so impressive and it fits here so good that I mention it again).

Beast mode on, let's go hardcore!!!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Workout plan reloaded...some weeks of HIT/HIIT are coming - Freeletics, Crossfit, the Spartans and Laura shall skyrocket my overall fitness level

Hey guys,

After a break of approx. 4 weeks in which I haven't trained very much due to some small injuries and a lack of time (I know excuses dosn't count normally), I decided to restart again with a new workout program. Don't get me wrong, I love the Convict Conditioning stuff as well as German Volume Training and Kettlebell workouts, but, as mentioned earlier this blog, you should vary from time to time. So for the next 2-3 month I think I should try to go hardcore with high-intensity strength & cardio combined workouts to shred most of the left over body fat.

I will do at least 4 workouts each week and I will choose between routines from the following:

- Freeletics: This is an interesting approach developed by some guys in Munich, Germany. The workouts consist of some bodyweight exercises (e.g. burpees, air squats, pull ups, push ups, jumps) performed in high speed with huge rep targets and as few rest periods as possible during the routines.

- Crossfit: I bet most of you know what Crossfit is, don't you? If not, here is a very short summary: It consists of short WODs (workout of the day) which are designed with bodyweight exercises, some heavy lifting exercises and some slightly acrobatic stuff (like handstand push ups).

- Sparta Workouts: Those workouts stand for some circuit stuff that you can find in the internet and that is reffered to as Sparta Training (in reference to movies like 300 or series like Spartacus). It's not a specific program or so!

- Laura Flynn Endres' Fitness Quickies or Thursday Throwdowns: My friend Laura has designed some really nasty HIIT routines to bring everyone to his/her own kind of fit (you can find more information on her website here).

- Others: Maybe I will bring in some HIT/HIIT routines which I design myself or which I found elsewhere in the web.

After each week I will tell you exactely which workouts I've done and how my results were.

I hope this "tool kit" of different routines from different programs will give me the boost I want for melting down body fat and improving overall fitness even more.

Regarding the nutrition part: I will do my normal diet and I try intermittent fasting (16/8 method) additionally to give it an extra boost (an article with details on intermittent fasting will follow next week).

So guys, time for the end of year fat loss rally (even if there are still 4 months left).