Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cycle 6

Hey guys,

Time's time again for the results of the recently finished cycle:

Cycle 6
Additionally I made "Bar Hangs" and "Double Leg Calf Raise from the floor with straight legs" 2 times per cycle and every day the "Trifecta" (step 2).

This week was an uneven one seen from the results. I've made good progress with the incline push ups, knee tucks, squats and the crow stand. Mostly I'm proud of the squat progression! I'd hit the rep target for jackknife squats 3 times in a row (never failed on that one), moved on to supported squats and achieved the target reps directly again. Squatting evolved to my specialty event! Hope that this goes on like that. I'm also very satisfied with the crow stand. I personally like this exercise a lot (I tried it when I was younger but never made more than 1 sec that time). As I told you I performed one set of wall headstands before I did crow stands. On day 7 I replaced wall headstands by wall handstands (2 times of 30 sec), which is also step 3 of the handstand push up progression. Unfortunately there are still 2 problem childs in my routine. Straight bridges and horizontal pulls. I really have difficulties to increase the actual reps in both. As a solution for horizontal pulls I think about raising the heigth of the horizontal base (and lower it again when I'm stronger). If you use a higher base (e.g. height of your bellybutton) the exercise becomes easier (I post its description in a few days). Still haven't decided how to ease the straight bridges (but I'll think about it).
You may have recognized that something has changed in the sheet. On day 8 I started with another innovation in my routine. I integrated high-intensity intervall training in my plan as cardio (I haven't done any cardio during the last six weeks). What exactly HIIT means and how/why I use it is gonna be explained in the next post (day after tomorrow).

Let's see if HIIT and the easier versions of horizontal pulls and straight bridges can boost my results in the next weeks.